Why women spend less on Lingerie ?

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Women Spend less on right kind of lingerie in  compairon to Branded outfits . What are the reasons ?

We want to share with you an interesting fact which we generally heard from our online & off line customer ,especially from women customer . They spend thousand of rupees on Designer clothes , fancy dresses &  big fat budget Lehanga’s but when they have to choose the right kind of lingerie for right outfit , they think twice .


Reasons according to our study is  as below—


1.     Lingerie is not visible ,why I spend so much on it .

2.     Kuch farak nahi parta ( Its doesn’t matter about lingeire)



The above 2 reasons are very prominent in out study regarding female behaviour reagarding the lingerie in Tier-3 & 4 cities in india .



This is common in all females  those are in mid 35-50 yrs of age . They spend less on lingerie due to so many reasons .

(a) Good Stand alone Lingerie Stores are not Available in Cat-3& 4 cities & also in Cat -2 cities . Females want to pucrhase the good lingerie , they have less knowledge about good lingerie accoridng to their size but right  Shopping outlet is not available .

(b) They have habit of wearing the old stuff kind of lingerie which usually their mother were  wearing. In most of cases   mother purchases the lingerie for girls & same culture continues when this girl becomes the mother of a teenager daughter .

(c)  Why I spend more on lingerie when its not visible  ?

Its common reason of not spending much on lingerie . Good lingerie is still second choice while shopping .


Its common with females  who born in 80’s & 90’s .


But this  habit is fast changing in the new generation , which born in late 90’s & 20’s . With invent of  Internet & Social media , new smart phone generation has strated giving  importance to Good Quality of lingerie.


No Idea regading the Actual Size ?


We have seen in our  Study that 8 out of 10  female are having no idea regarding their  band size & cup size .  Reason if lack of awareness & ‘Chalta hai’ attitude regarding the most valuable part of their life  i.e; lingerie .


A good lingerie can make your day good & bad  . A lingerie can do miracles with you .  Purchasing a right kind of lingerie according to your size is as important as purchasing right kind of outfit for right occassion .

You can’t wear same kind of lingerie for all kind of outfits & occasions . A specilait can let you know what kind of lingerie you should wear with the different outfits . Some outfits are of low back outfits , low front neck outfits etc.

So purchase right lingerie as per your right size , because lingerie is as important as your beautiful dress .


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Stay Fashionable


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