Six Steps to wear an underwire Bra

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Its Really important to know your accurate bra size  & How to know to wear the right size bra in a right way .


Its Really important to know your accurate bra size  & How to know to wear the right size bra in a right way .

To know accurate size of Bra : Research says 8 out of 10 women ,not knowing the accurate size of their bra . We generally saw sagging breast, tight bra , loose bra . Reasons are ..

1. Now idea how to check the accurate size 

2. To wear the bra as told by her mother , no discussion with close friends, sister ( Discusing lingerie is still taboo in india )

3. No proper Lingerie store available in middle & small cities in india , not even Metro's

How to wear correct Bra in a correct way ?

Its also very important question which most of women face everyday , they have underwire Bra's as well as regular non wire Bra's , but they have no idea to carry them in a good proper way so that they can feel comfort in a day long wearing .

We are simply this process in few steps .

Step-1  Put on your Arms through the armholes :

To Wear a bra , the first thing you should do is to place your arms through the armholes . A regular bra will have two straps that attach with cups to the back of the bra & run & over the shoulder  to the back .Straps that attach with cups to the back are known as wings of bra .

Step-2 Feel the breast fill the cup 

After putting on the bra & adjusting the straps , you should genltly pull at the straps and the sides & the back to make sure it fit reasonably well. after this , you can make sure that your breasts fill the cups , which is the trickiest part of putting on the bra .Check the straps and band of the bra to make sure nothing is twisted .

Bend Down: If you are not already standing , stand up & bend down towards floor 2feet , this will help you move your breast in bra cups .


Step-3 Fastening the Bra :

Fastening or Clasp the bra , Most bras have clasps in the back that connects right side of the bra with left .These back clasps have either two or three hooks on one side that will conect with two or three loopson the other side .Your goal is to to get all the hooks into the loops . Many bra has 2-3 settings of tightness, so you can adjust the bra to make tighter & looser around your body.

  • Some Bras have clasp at front ( known as front opne bra ) or side (mostly transparent back  bra) instead of back .The clasp at front mostly has only one setting , so its easy to clasp it . But clasp at side has same settings as clasp at back, mostly 2-3 settings.

  • To make bra tighter , hook the bra on the eyes which are further in . if you can comfortably wear a new bra on the eyes  which are further in .If you can comfortably wear a new bra  on the tightest hook , consider going down a band size , you should wear new bras on the loosest hook except when pregnant.

  • With put on weight at around bust line , soem women have trouble hooking the the bra in the back & like to clasp it before they put on the straps . to do this best way is to ,place the bra backwards over your breast , clasp it ,move it around to its proper position at back . 

and then pace your arms through the armholes. Be gentle , as the movement of the bra could damage the elastic .

Bend down- If you are not altrady standing , stand up & bend down so that you lower your back about two feet ,towards the floor , this will help you to manage your breast in right direction in the bra cups .

Step-4 & 5 Adjust the straps :

After Putting your hands through the loops of the bra & clasped it , you will need to adjust the straps so that they fit perfectly over your shoulders, instead of too loose & too tight . it should be in comfortable state.

If they are too loose , then they can fall down off your shoulders, all the way to your elbows.If they are  too tight, then you will feel uncomfortable and the bra cups will be pulled up too high .

How to adjust the straps of your bra ?

* Find the clasps. the clasps are the plastic thing at the back of the bra , there are two claps like two straps of bra .

*If the bra is too loose , simply pull down the clasp so it moves closer to the back of the bra towards waist band then pull up the extra strap that will hang loose to straighten out the straps .Pull down the both claspsto an equal length .

*If the bra is too tight , simply pull up the clasp from the bottom , moving it up towrads the front of the bra , you will be pull down the straps while moving up the clasps. 

*if you feeling difficult , it maye be easier to unclasp & take off the bra to do this , you will feel its so easy .

Step-6 Move Your Breast into the cups :

First ,Feels the side of your breast for any additional tissue that is hanging off the sides of each breast , below your armpit . if you are in front of mirror , you maybe see extra tissue .press this tissue with opposite hand from each breast and move it in so that it fills the side of the cups . Use the same hand to lift up the breast , so that you have  moved the sides of the breast in & then up .

* repeat this process with your other hand & other breast .

* When you adjusted your breats, you can stand staright up.

* Ideally ,underwire of your Bra should be positioned right along the bottom of your breast , without leaving any extra space for them to hang down . Your breast should be perky & moving upwards,not hanging down below the underwire.

* If you find that loose skin now pokes over the top of the bra , you can tuck it and smooth it down for the smoother silhouette .

Note - If There is breast tissue coming over the top of the cup , then bra doesn't fit . Buy a new larger cup size Bra .




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