What Require In a Perfect Bra ?

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Finding a good bra is notoriously difficult. 


Finding a good bra is notoriously difficult. It's the one thing most women wear day in and day out, and yet an overwhelming number of us find ourselves wearing the same old worn, faded and stretched-out number we may have had in rotation since high school or college. Oops?


A Good Bra Should have 3 Things Common Apart from Your Perfect Size Fitting .


(a.)         Should be Perfect Lift .

(b.)         Padding Should be as light as Air

(c.)          Smaller Cleavage Point Frame , Down to There Cut


The Above  three points are Basic for a Perfect Bra ,like a perfect  right Size .

We generally notice that most of women have no idea how to wear a bra in a perfect / right way . If  a woman having no idea how to wear a bra in a perfect / right way then right kind of size has no worth .

We are providing below the steps to wear  a Bra in a perfect right way .

If you are wearing the bra is a perfect way , its fine . otherwise please follow the below steps to feel comfortable in your right size kind of Bra .


To wear the perfect size Bra in a perfect way will help you to get a day long comfort & freedom  from Itching , Pushing band & straps etc.


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